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December 2004

1.- To enter for the competition, the following documentation is required, which has to be sent either in a sealed registered envelope or by an acknowledgement of receipt sending to :

Il.lm Sr. Alcalde de l'Ajuntament de Tarragona
Ajuntament de Tarragona / OMAC
Rambla Nova, 59.
43003. Tarragona.

1.1 ) A letter of application for the enrolment in which a complete agreement with the specifications of this contest should be stated.

1.2 ) A descriptive report of the technical and artistic aspects of the firework devices that the applicant is offering to take part in this contest. The report should state the different stages of the exhibition and their effects as well as all the possible details that may lead to the acceptance of the application. The following information is indispensable:

1.2.1 - Net weight of all the explosives that will perform the firework display.

1.2.2 - Net weight of the explosives in each group of fireworks which form a homogeneous entertaining effect and the weight of the units that form such a group.

1.2.3 - Date, homologation and cataloguing number and manufacturer of each of the fireworks to be displayed.

1.2.4 - Time estimate in seconds for the execution and entertaining effects of each section or homogeneous group.

1.2.5 - Sequence of the beginning of the execution between sections and order to be followed to carry out each section.

1.2.6 - When the shooting of change, time or repetition shells is expected, and independently from their commercial name, such circumstance must be specified, including the shell diameter.

1.3 ) A dossier on the participant company including as much information as possible about its background and records.

1.4 ) A valid photocopy of the constitution deed of the company or any other valid document that gives proof of the kind or nature of the firework company.

1.5 ) Original certificate of the current insurance policy taken out by the applicant (take appendix 1 as a model) so as to cover for any risks which might arise from their performance. The policy should cover a minimum of 460,000 euros and it should be exemption-free. Those firework companies with headquarters out of Spain must have a policy with international coverage and in accordance with the Spanish current standards.

1.6 ) All those documents needed to manipulate and use firework products and to carry out public firework displays that are required by the 20th October 1988 Order from the Ministerio de Relaciones con las Cortes (Ministry with regard to the Spanish Parliament) and from the Spanish Secretaria del Gobierno (Government department), as well as the documents required by the 2nd March 1989 Order , that completes the former regulating standards. Furthermore, a formal declaration in this respect should be enclosed (take appendix 2 as a model).

1.7 ) A document that certifies the identity of the artistic director of the fireworks company.

1.8 ) Tax identification card of the firework company or any equivalent document from the country of origin for foreign companies.

1.9 ) Only for those companies with headquarters out of Spain. According to the regulations set by the Spanish government, they need a document to certify that the fireworks in Tarragona will be prepared, set up, used and displayed under the supervision of a Spanish company. This will imply the presence of a pyrotechnician from a Spanish company at the Punta del Miracle area. The document should be sent to: Dirección General de Minas, Paseo de la Castellana 160, Madrid. (Take appendix 3 as a model).
All this will be proved by means of an official document both at the beginning of the preparation of the performance and right before the beginning of the display.

1.10 ) A document certifying both which is the main firing system used by the participant company and which is the alternative system to the first choice.

2 - The admission of applications period will finish on 25th February 2005.

3 - On 2nd March 2005 the Selector Board, formed by people appointed by the City Council of Tarragona, will choose six of the most-deserving applications and will inform all the applicants of the result of their decision, which will not be subject to any appeal.

4 - On 9th March 2005 in the morning, a draw will take place in the City Council of Tarragona to decide the order of shooting. Both the pyrotechnic companies and the media are invited to attend this draw.

5 - The selected participants will have to display the fireworks presented for the contest according to the previous descriptive report, as stated in point 1, section 1.2. The date and time will be determined by the draw. Each participant will be paid :

16,200 euros (sixteen thousand two-hundred euros) (VAT included), for companies whose headquarters is in Spain, within the Iberian peninsula. 18,700 euros (eighteen thousand seven-hundred euros) (VAT included), for companies whose headquarters is out of Spain or out of the Iberian peninsula.

6 - For companies with headquarters in Spain: both the transport expenses and the stay in Tarragona of the pyrotechnic manager and of the people at his/her service are to be paid by each participant.

The City Council of Tarragona will take steps to put the participants in touch with possible accommodations as long as they have previously requested so by 29th April 2005.

7 - The applicant companies whose headquarters are not in Spain or in the Iberian Peninsula will get a special assistance of 2,500 euros. The City Council reserves the possibility of complementing the travel expenses of some companies that may be considered exceptional due to their specific origin. The Council will take on the accommodation and meals expenses of the companies that are not Spanish from their arrival in Tarragona on the evening before their display until their departure, and at the most until the verdict day. By 29th April 2005, each pyrotechnic company will have to confirm the number of professionals who will be travelling to Tarragona, time of arrival and departure day and time.

The City Council of Tarragona may complement the travel expenses of some companies which could be considered extraordinary due to their exceptional origin.

If there are any customs duties or importation expenses, they will be paid by the foreign company.

8 - The contest will take place between the 4th and 9th July 2005.

9 - The selected companies are not allowed to shoot any firework display within a 15 Kilometre radius from Tarragona during the 20 previous days to the beginning of the competition.

10 - In the morning of the day of the firework display and in order to carry out the necessary setting up, each pyrotechnic manager will have at their disposal the firing area provided (of which they will have received previously a detailed map and photographs) perfectly equipped and supervised. The Council will also provide them with four workers to help the participants with the setting up (from 6:00 to 14:00 and from 16:00 to 20:00) and removal of the collection of fireworks. Apart from this, two vehicles, one dumper and one forklift truck with their corresponding drivers will be available. The workers will be entitled to unload and move shooting material and auxiliary or holding elements but not to unpack, light, set up, manipulate or shoot fireworks, according to the current legislation.

11 - Both the pyrotechnic material and each company's vehicles will be required to arrive at the enclosed setting up area by 10:00am on the day of their performance. A document will be drawn to prove it.

12 - The setting up and firework firing area will be permanently closed to the public from the very beginning of the setting up of the first firework display until the end of the removal tasks on the day after the last display.

13 - If, according to the jury, the rain, wind or any other imperative reasons prevent the pyrotechnic company from shooting their fireworks on the appointed night, the participant will have to accept the delay and carry out the display on the date decided by the jury.

14 - The fireworks will be aerial, though aquatic ones may also be fired, as the area provided is the Punta del Miracle, right by the sea. The mere shooting of coloured flares over the water will not be considered aquatic fireworks and this effect won't be counted for the total amount of the display.
Aquatic fireworks will not include any plastic part. This will be specifically supervised by the organization.

15 - The shells with a diameter over 250 mm and the rockets with a stick will have to be fired from the farthest point of the bottom terrace from the Miracle beach and farthest from other areas for the public. This area is circled on the map you will find in appendix 4.

16 - The mortars will be placed in such a way that the shells are fired either vertically or in the opposite direction from the public. Under no circumstance are the mortars to be placed in angle to the area of vision of the public.

17 - The minimum duration from the beginning of the display will be of seventeen minutes and the firing must be non-stop, without any interruption between the luminous effect of one burst and the next.

18 - The firework display will start on time at 22:30 and it will be announced by means of three salutes, fired at 22:15, 22:25 and 22:30 respectively.

19 - The participant company will light a luminous sign with the name of the sponsor of the contest after the third salute. The minimum size of this sign is 10 x 2 metres.

20 - The seventeen minutes' time calculation will take place between the end of the luminous sign and the first of the three salutes that end the display. This will be controlled by the secretary of the jury.

21 - The participants will be fully responsible for any personal injuries or damages that their pyrotechnic performance might cause.

22 - The pyrotechnic manager will agree to remove after the display all the material that was not fired and everything related to the fireworks themselves. In order to prevent potential accidents, once the firework exhibition is over and by 8:00am the next morning, one representative of the participant company together with the local police of Tarragona will inspect the firing area and its surroundings up to a perimeter of 300 metres from the fireworks area. They will check that no pyrotechnic material remains there that might cause any accident. The winning company is required by these specifications to carry out the same supervisory operation on the rest of firework performances resulting from the obtaining of the first prize.

23 - The following cash prizes and trophies are established:

1st prize : 8,000 euros, the Trophy "Venus City of Tarragona" and a document which proves it, apart from being awarded the public firework displays that will take place during the Santa Tecla Festivities, between the 17th and the26th September to the value of 37,000 euros, VAT included. This will be distributed asfollows: Main display 25,500 euros minimum and the rest of the firings 12,000 euros maximum.

2nd prize : 3,100 euros, the Trophy "Venus City of Tarragona" and a document which proves it.

Special prize "Festa Major de Granollers-Trofeu Blancs i Blaus" (White and BlueTrophy) and awarding of the closing display of Granollers local festivities to the company from the Iberian Peninsula with the pyrotechnic display with the best classification. The total amount awarded will be 13,920 euros (VAT included). The display will take place on Sunday 28th August 2005 at 22:30 in the enclosure of the Fair Park and it will not last less than 15 minutes. The artistic design and technical specifications will have to be stated in a contract for the Servei de Cultura (Culture Department) of the Granollers City Council during the month of July 2005.

24. About the Santa Tecla Festivities of Tarragona, that were declared by the Spanish government as"Festivity of National Touristic Interest" in 2002 and by the Catalan Autonomous Government as a "Traditional Festivity of National Interest" in 1996:

During the "tronades" (firings), the entrance into the cathedral, the string of fireworks and the salutes, only plastic-free pyrotechnic devices are to be used.

During the string of fireworks the pyrotechnic devices will have to be tied by a rope so as to avoid their falling to the ground.

A technical commission formed by qualified people designed by the Council of Tarragona will examine the performance of the firework display on 23rd September, in order to decide whether the winning company may apply for the next edition of the International Fireworks Competition. The commission will assess the development of the display on 23rd September, which will have to offer a different design and different artistic results from those of the competition day.
The display on 23rd September will have a minimum duration of 17 minutes.

25 - The jury will be formed by sixteen members chaired by the Lord Mayor. The daily votes will be given to the secretary of the jury in a sealed envelope after every display. A technical subcommittee within the jury, formed by four people related to the world of pyrotechnics, will be in charge of determining any penalties, as stated in specification number 26.

26 - On taking a decision, the jury will mainly take into account the occupation of the air space; purity, intensity, brightness and duration of the colours; the chromatic variety, luminosity, dimensions, form designs, style, diversity of effects, sonority, conjunction with the environment, originality, rhythm, the plan of the performance, the starting, the final crescendo and acceptance by the public. Each one of the fifteen criteria will be punctuated from 0 to 10, so every member of the jury can give a maximum of 160 points and each company can obtain a maximum of 2,720 points.

27 - The jury will consider negatively all that pyrotechnic material which does not rise under control and which could therefore be potentially dangerous as well as the non-observance of the execution of the technical descriptive report handed in by each participant. This fact may also be penalised economically.
Each pyrotechnic device that clearly and evidently does not rise in a controlled way will count 17 negative points that will be deduced from the total amount given.

28 - The jury's verdict will be made known to all the participants at the same time on Sunday 10th July 2005 in the morning.

29 - The City Council of Tarragona and (official portal of the competition) will give the participants a dvd with images of each and every one of the firework displays of the competition.

30 - On admission to take part in the "16th International Fireworks Display Competition City of Tarragona", the participants fully accept these specifications and the consequences, rights and duties that may arise from them.


Mr./Ms.________________________ as __________________

From the insurance company ____________________________

CERTIFIES that the liability insurance policy number_________

Signed by (insurer) _______________________________

so as to cover for the risks derived from the celebration of the fireworks display exhibition that will take place in Tarragona (Miracle Beach) on 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th July 2005 by the pyrotechnic company (insured)___________________,

covers the value of______________ (minimum amount of 460,000 euros).

Which I certify for the record.

In (place)________________, on (date)_______________2005.

Signature and stamp



Formal declaration about the strict execution of what is established by the 20th October 1988 Order from the Ministeri de Relacions amb les Corts (Ministry with regard to the Spanish Parliament) and from the Secretaria del Gobierno (Government Department), as well as of what is required in the 2nd March 1989 Order, that completes the former regulating standards.


with personal identification number or passport____________________


from the pyrotechnic company_________________________

located in __________________________________________

and with tax identification number or C.I.F _______________________

Solemnly declares the strict execution of what is established by the 20th October 1988 Order from the Ministry with regard to the Spanish Parliament and of what is required by the 2nd March 1989 Order, that completes and improves the former regulating standards.

And for the record, signs this declaration in (place) __________,

On (date) _______________2005.

Signature and stamp



Formal declaration about the strict execution of the requirement that the firework display will be prepared, set up and fired under the supervision of a Spanish firework company. This will mean the presence in the firing area of Punta del Miracle of a pyrotechnician from a Spanish company.


With passport number _______________________________ as __________________________________ from the pyrotechnic company

_____________________________________located in________________


and with tax identification number______________________

Solemnly declares the strict execution of the requirement that their firework display will be prepared, set up and fired in Tarragona under the supervision of the Spanish pyrotechnic company____________________________________,

with headquarters in ___________________________________,


With tax identification number___________________________.

This Spanish company commits itself to having a pyrotechnician available from the very beginning of the setting up until the end of the clearing of the area.

And for the record, signs this declaration in (place)___________________,

On (date)__________________________2005.

Signature and stamp Approval

Foreign Company Spanish Company



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