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January 2008

New prizes are available for the 19th annual Tarragona Firework Competition

Submissions must be in by 1st February 2008. Detailed entry forms and requirements are now available.

The organisers have now issued the requirements for entry to the 19th competition, which will take place between the 7th and the 12th July 2008. It will be the first competition organised by the new local authority, formed by PSC and ERC, and it will award new prizes (information in the general specifications).

Apart from the official prizes, the Great Public Prize is awarded directly by the audience. Last year, as a novelty, there was a money prize, thanks to the company ONO's sponsorship. For 2008 the prize has been included in the official conditions of the competition. The public may vote by ballot paper or on the internet, through the competition's official portal The company with a highest average vote will receive 3,000 euros from the sponsor of this prize.

One of the new events during last year's Santa Tecla festivities was the firing of four simultaneous air "tronades", on the first day, at four different areas of the city. The prestigious Valencian pyrotechnic company Vicent Caballer was in charge of the firing. Its great success has made the organisation think of including this event in the conditions for the Fireworks Displays Competition. This award is reserved for a Catalan or a Valencian company, as "tronades" are so specific to Mediterranean identity. The total prize will be near 14,000 euros.

The pyrotechnic companies intending to take part in the 19th year of the Fireworks Competition should make their application by 1st February 2008. The selection committee will choose the six participants on 12th February and the order of performance will be decided in a public draw on the 14th. Last year, 360,000 people watched the displays. 86% of the visitors who arrived in the city came from other parts of Catalonia; 6.75% came from the rest of Spain; and 7.25% were foreign.

Every six years there is a special competition, called the Champion of Champions, the great world fireworks final, the most recent having beenin 2006, and it increased the prestige of the competition because of the high quality of the six participating companies. On that occasion, the winner was the Italo-German company Gamma P. Last year the Andalusian company María Angustias Pérez, from Guadix (Granada) swept the board: the official prize, the special prize of the "Blancs i Blaus" local festivity of Granollers, and the prize from the public. In addition to this, this company of course will take their place at the great Final of the World Pyrotechnics! The winning company in 2008 will have the second place at the future special competition.

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