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British Firework Championships: Star win Northern heat; more heats through May for the British Firework Championships

April 2008

Star Fireworks were winners of the northern heats of the British Firework Championships which will culminate in the finals at Plymouth in August, where Fireworks' editor will be a judge. Highlight Pyrotechnics and Celebration Displays won honourable mention.

The Welsh heat (also known as the Welsh Firework Championships) which took place on 3 May, at Chepstow, was won by reigning champions, Pendragon Fireworks. Other competitors were Westcoast Fireworks and Anytime Fireworks.

The southern heat of the competition at Battersea, when Pyro 1, Skyburst The Firework Co. and HFM Pyrotechnics were to have taken part, has been cancelled.

The Scottish heat, held in Edinburgh on 24 May, will see Blast Design (the reigning champions) compete with Fireworx Scotland and 21st Century Fireworks.

The final, midlands, heat, takes place in Birmingham on 26 May, and Dragon Fireworks, Sandling Fireworks and Essex Pyrotechnics will be the competitors.

The British Firework Championships, organised by TESA, will take place in Plymouth on 12 and 13 August 2008. Details of displays can be found on the Championships website and the Fireworks events diary.

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