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Quebec International Firework Competition celebrates 400 years of Quebec

The 14th edition of the Loto-Québec International Fireworks Competition will take place from July 19 to August 6, 2008 under the theme “Let yourself be dazzled!” Five internationally renowned teams will take each other on in a harmonious mix of music and pyrotechnics. Their goal: illuminate the night sky over the magnificent Montmorency Falls Park and win the Loto-Québec 2008 Solstice Prize.

Spectators will have an opportunity to see moments of pure magic made possible by the skill of the competing teams. The programme is again offering this year some of the world’s best firework teams. They’ll be from Australia on July 19, China on July 23, England on July 26, the United States on July 30, and finally Canada, the 2007 winner, on August 2. The Loto-Québec Grand Finale will be on Wednesday August 6, 2008.

This year, through joint assistance from the Société du 400e anniversaire de Québec and Loto-Québec, each display will be topped off with an extra dazzle from the competing teams of summer 2008: “We’ve added a few captivating features to the international competition. An original musical work inspired by the 400th anniversary theme song has been specially composed for the event. It’s a way for us and our participants from everywhere around the world to celebrate Québec City’s 400 years,” said Marcel Dallaire, organiser of the Loto-Québec International Fireworks Competition.

This piece will last six minutes and has been conceived and adapted by Luc Boivin, musical director of Belle et Bum and by Pierre Grimard, Lara Fabian’s musical director. The composition is intended to be a trip through the time and history of Québec City.

After each performance, spectators may visit the Loto-Québec International Fireworks Competition website at and fill out the jury’s score sheet. At the end of the competition, their votes will decide which team put on the best performance and deserves the special 400th anniversary trophy. The same spectators will also have a chance to win all kinds of fabulous prizes.

Also part of the special 400th anniversary edition and contrary to tradition, the Loto-Québec Grand Finale will feature this year a special order by one of Québec’s best pyrotechnic designers, Patrick Brault. His performance Au fil du temps (Down through the years) is a saga that traverses the time, ages, and history of Québec City. The musical piece composed by Charles Dallaire retraces the main stages of the city’s evolution. This colourful and emotional performance will be another way for the Loto-Québec International Fireworks Competition to celebrate Québec City’s 400 years.

“Each performance will be an opportunity, for the competing countries, to celebrate Québec City’s 400 years in their own way. I invite the people to let themselves be dazzled by the 2008 edition of the Loto-Québec International Fireworks Competition!” said Daniel Gélinas, Director General of the Société du 400e anniversaire de Québec.

An enchanting site Montmorency Falls Park is a natural enchanting site that offers its visitors a spectacular panorama. Its uneven terrain is one of the challenges that the teams will have to deal with. Several factors must be taken into account: the height of the cliffs, the width of the natural amphitheatre the park provides, the layout of the launching ramps for the rockets, and the position of the audience on the site. Only with exceptional skill and unbridled imagination can the teams excel in their art. These qualities are behind the extraordinary quality of the Loto-Québec International Fireworks Competition year after year.

To buy tickets or for any further information, please phone 1-888-934- FIRE or visit the website:

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