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Eastbourne Bandstand displays to re-start 1st August

Following the new government announcement we’re very pleased to announce that Eastbourne Bandstand will be opening its doors once again!

From the 1st August we’ll be hosting a special programme of tribute nights on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays until the end of September, where we’ll then be hosting shows on Fridays and Saturdays until our Halloween Finale on the 31st of October.

It has been a difficult few months but we’ve been working hard to save the season.

You’ll find that the bandstand is now a socially-distanced venue and that means that there will be extra rules and conditions when attending our shows. They are listed below and on our website too. All of these rules are necessary for us to stay open this year, so please take the time to read these as it will affect your experience of the shows.

• Please collect your tickets before 6pm on the day of the event to avoid congestion at the seafront office. Only one person from a group to collect tickets.

• We will only deal with transactions related to the night’s show. Please purchase other tickets during daytime hours.

• Card transactions are preferred both at the ticket office and bars.

• No more than 6 people can sit together within your social bubble.

• Please leave a minimum of one empty seat between your social bubble and others.

• The dance floor is closed, you are welcome to boogie in the marked space in front of your seat.

• Do not bring bags into the venue unless absolutely essential.

• Please only leave your seat to go to the bar, toilets or to smoke/vape outside.

• Smokers/vapers, please stand well clear of the entrances.

• Re-entry will be strictly ticket only, do not leave the venue without your ticket.

• For the purpose of contact tracing, details for the party lead are required for each booking. Please give us up-to-date contact details.

• Please ensure your ticket has your party leader’s name on it. If it does not, please contact the seafront ticket office before your first show.

• The health and safety of all members of staff must respected at all times.

• Children must be directly supervised at all times. They must not run around the venue.

• Toilets are open with periodic cleaning in place, please be sensible; wash your hands and maintain social distancing where possible.

• Please adhere to these rules and guidelines, we really do not want to ask you to leave the premises; everyone’s safety is at stake.

Take a look at our website for the full list of shows we’ll be hosting.

All of us at Eastbourne Bandstand are excited to welcome back our bands, customers and staff and look forward to seeing you all very soon.
Kind regards
Phill at The Bandstand