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News Archive

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July 2022: The passing of Scottish legislation will mean the end of back garden fireworks in Scotland

June 2022: Change to Stage 3 proceedings on the Fireworks and Pyrotechnic Articles (Scotland) Bill

June 2022: You can get NINE issues of Fireworks FOR £4 by going to this ebay page

June 2022: Will the Scottish Firework Bill become law? We will know on 29 June

June 2022: Fireworks and Pyrotechnic Articles (Scotland) Bill – Moves to final Stage 3

June 2022: Will fireworks be banned in Scotland?

May 2022: Fireworks featured on Have I Got News For You missing words round!

April 2022: Issue 81 is now available and has been distributed to subscribers. Check and buy here

April 2022: Issue 81 is at the printer. See its contents here

March 2022: British Musical Fireworks Championship line up

February 2022: Your chance to air your views on firework freedom. Contribute to Scottish Bill response

February 2022: Overview and Full text of Fireworks and Pyrotechnic Articles (Scotland) Bill

January 2022: Line up for the British Firework Championships

November 2021: Do you wish to enter the British Firework Championships? Here's how and rules

October 2021: Issue 80 is NOW AVAILABLE. See its contents and order here

September 2021: Issue 80 is at the printer. See its contents and order here

September 2021: British Musical Fireworks Championship Line-up announced

September 2021: Latest call for papers for IPSUSA

August 2021: IPSUSA are determined to go ahead in 2022

August 2021: More and more displays added to events diary - check August

July 2021: COVID Guidelines available for site visitors at the British Firework Championships

June 2021: Call for papers and registration form now available for 45th International Pyrotechnics Seminar

May 2021: Fireworks issue 79 is available and has been distributed to subscribers. Check it out and order if you have not yet subscribed

April 2021: Fireworks issue 79 is at the printer. Check it out and order

November 2020: Fireworks editor's new book now available

November 2020: British Firework Championships back with a bang in 2021

October 2020: Appeal to the Government for the Event industry including fireworks during pandemic

October 2020: TESA have informed us of a submission which they have submitted to DCMS and the Treasury at their request following a meeting with their officials

October 2020: Also the advice TESA have received from a leading barrister following the Southampton Boat Show being stopped at the last minute. It provides some useful advice for how local authorities should deal with events

Fireworks issue 78 (Winter 2020) is now out. See its contents here. And order here

October 2020: Fireworks issue 78 (Winter 2020) is coming soon and is at the printer. Check it out, and order

September 2020: Festival of Fireworks postponed until 4 September 2021

August 2020: Firework displays given the green light. Some are being planned now

July 2020: Eastbourne Bandstand Display to re-start 1 August

July 2020: Bonfire Events - on or off

June 2020: Now Plymouth (British Firework Championships) also off

May 2020: Plymouth still on; Southport off. Details here

March 2020: New publication and deadline dates

March 2020: Fireworks stays open - the magazine will still be supplied during the coronavirus pandemic

March 2020: Firing order announced for British Firework Championships, Plymouth

February 2020: History of firework displays

February 2020: Rules for British Firework Championships 2020 and competitor agreement

January 2020: Issue 77 is now out and has been sent to subscribers. Check it out here

January 2020: Issue 77 is coming soon. Look at a preview and order it

December 2019: 45th International Pyrotechnics Seminar: 3rd call for abstracts; updated registration form and Companion Tour Flyer

November 2019: Analysis of British Firework Championships survey available

October 2019: Winners of the British Musical Fireworks Championship 2019

October 2019: TESA compile a questionnaire for British Firework Championships' future direction. Complete by 25 October

September 2019: Ukraine's Dance of Fire win Blackpool's World Firework Championships

September 2019: The biggest firework display list on the 'Net. Just check November's list

September 2019: UK's Syrotechnics wins 1st prize at Monaco Art En Ciel Competition of Fireworks

August 2019: Winners of British Firework Championships 2019 announced

August 2019: UK's Syrotechnics wins 1st prize at Monaco Art En Ciel Competition of Fireworks

May 2019: IPSUSA Call for papers and registration form now available (since removed by IPSUSA

March 2019: Line up announced for Festival of Fireworks

February 2019: Sad news of the liquidation of Britain's largest firework manufacturer

February 2019: Line-up announced for British Musical Fireworks Championship

January 2019: Issue 75 is out. Order it here

January 2019: Issue 74 of Fireworks is still available. Order it here

January 2019: Issue 75 is coming soon. Get a sneak preview

December 2018: Government will not ban retail sale of fireworks

October 2018: 260 firework events listed in November alone on the Net's biggest UK list

October 2018: British Musical Fireworks Championship 2018 results

September 2018: New explosives course

June 2018: Issue 74 of Fireworks is out and now available. Order it here

June 2018: Issue 74 of Fireworks is at the printer. See a preview here

June 2018: British Firework Championships 2018 - Firing order announced

March 2018: News of registration for 43rd IPS Seminar

February 2018: Government will not ban retail sale of fireworks

February 2018: Competitors announced for British Musical Fireworks Championship

February 2018: Competitors announced for British Firework Championships 2018

January 2018: Issue 73 is out and available. Look at its contents - and buy it now!

August 2017: Results British Firework Championships announced

July 2017: Programme for British Firework Championships announced

June 2017: Call for Abstracts for 43rd International Pyrotechnics Society Seminar. Register now

May 2017: Issue 72 is at the printer - take a sneak preview

March 2017: Competitors for British Musical Fireworks Championships announced

March 2017: Competitors for Briitish Firework Championships 2017 announced

February 2017: Do you wish to enter the Brtitish Firework Championships at Plymouth? Check here

February 2017: Going to the 43rd International Pyrotechnics Society Seminar. Register now

January 2017 Invitation to companies to take part in 5th International Firework Festival

January 2017 Issue 71 is out! Copies have been distributed to subscribers; electronic version is available. Order now

October 2016: British Firework Championships wins award

October 2016: British Musical Fireworks Championships results available

August 2016: History of the World Famous in pictures now available

August 2016: Results of British Firework Championships

July 2016: Firing order announced for British Firework Championships

June 2016: Government rule out further restriction on firework use despite claims. Full Government response to debate on Monday 6 June prompted by petition given here

March 2016: Competitors announced for British Firework Championships 2016

February 2016: Want to enter British Firework Championships? Apply now

February 2016: History of the World Famous in pictures soon to be available

January 2016: Report of British Firework Championships meeting available

January 2016: Details of 2016 British Musical Fireworks Championship announced

December 2015: New revised rules - December for Review (British Fireworks Championships)

November 2015: Meeting to review Plymouth British Fireworks Championship 2015

October 2015: F1 win at Southport

August 2015: Jubilee win in Montreal

July 2015: New novel about fireworks available. Read more. Buy the book (£12 inc. p&p)

April 2015: Details of International Pyrotechnic Symposium announced

March 2015: Plymouth British Firework Championships competitors announced

March 2015: Change to Southport British Musical Fireworks Championship - Fireworkers included

January 2015: Plymouth meeting outcome - and new rules

January 2014: Dates and competitors for Southport announced

January 2014: Risk Assessment Courses for firework folk

November 2013: Changes made to British Firework Championships. Do you want to enter? Contact TESA

November 2013: Electronic version of Fireworks now available

October 2013: France wins in Macau

October 2013: Sirotechnics win at British Musical Firework Championships. Report here

October 2013: French company win Blackpool World Firework Championships

October 2013: The book of illustrations of fireworks, Firework Art by Mark Fleming, is no longer available on this site

September 2013: Consultation on future of juding of British Firework Championships. Have your say

August 2013: Star Fireworks win Champion of Champions in British Firework Championships

May 2013: British Firework Championships - Line up announced

May 2013: Firework news now available (courtesy of Epic Fireworks)

March 2013: Jubilee win in the Philippines

January 2013: Details for Southport announced

January 2013: Invitation to British firework companies to enter Malta International Competition

October 2012: Battle Bonfire celebrations cancelled

October 2012: Komodo win British Musical Firework Championships at Soutport

August 2012: No winner at Plymouth

August 2012: Pyrotex win at Monaco

August 2012: Plymouth secures British Firework Championships until 2018

June 2012: Firework film makers looking for contributors: you can contact them

March 2012: British company competes at Malta Fireworks Festival competition

January 2012: Competitors for British Musical Firework Championships (Southport) announced

January 2012: Changes to format of British Firework Championships

January 2012: 27 new historical adverts on Firework Ads website

December 2011: Video of American Chemical Society video: The Chemistry of Fireworks

December 2011: American Chemical Society course on fireworks

October 2011: Results of British Musical Firework Championships announced

August 2011: Santa Marija Mqabba 2011 Tower of Light - see it on Youtube

August 2011: MLE win British Firework Championships

July 2011: New book on display set-up now available from this website: Full colour; Black and white

July 2011: The firework classics available from this website

June 2011: Major exhibition of firework history

June 2011: World Record Firework Wheel Attempt Successful

June 2011: Issue 60 is published and available See its contents; Buy it

April 2011: Revised programme of Malta International Firework Festival available

April 2011: Companies chosen for British Firework Championships

April 2011: Final programme of Malta International Firework Festival available

April 2011: 'Fireworks' arcade machine - details on youtube

January 2011: Brighten the dark days with the Malta International Fireworks Festival

January 2011: No more Chinese cakes? Shell shortages? You'll need issue 59 to read about it

October 2010: Pyrotex win British Musical Firework Championships

September 2010: Jubilee gain international honours in prestigious Monaco event

September 2010: Line up for British Musical Firework Championships (1-3 October) announced

September 2010: Major new website illustrating firework advertisements through the ages. Read the story

August 2010: Star win British Firework Championships

July 2010: Hospitality available for British Firework Championships

June 2010: Issue 58 is out and avaiable. See contents and order

June 2010: Issue 58 is coming soon. Get a sneak preview

June 2010: Rare book by the Wells man who invented Mickey Mouse Fireworks' to go on sale

June 2010: Draw made for British Firework Championships

May 2010: 8th Malta International Fireworks Festival results announced

April 2010: Malta International Firework Festival - programme available here

April 2010: Are you entering for the British Firework Championships 2010? Then click here

March 2010: Jubilee victors in first Philippines International Pyromusical Competition

January 2010: Have your say on new safety guide

January 2010: Jubilee Fireworks to feature in new international competition

January 2010: Western Country Life mentions Fireworks (column 3; Sit Back and Relax)

January 2010: World Pyro Olympics postponed again

November 2009: Reaction win Scottish Championships

November 2009: Scottish Heat for British Firework Championships 2010

October 2009: Flashpoint Triumph in Southport in Musical Firework Championships

September 2009: Phoenix Triumph in Plymouth. Read about the British Firework Championships

August 2009: Firework tour of Japan details

July 2009: British Firework Championships announce hospitality evenings

April 2009: BSO Concerts - and they all have fireworks!

April 2009: 65th Anniversary of Normandy Landing - 25 firework displays

March 2009: Tarragona selects five companies from 25 applications

March 2009: Renegade Pyrotechnics Fire

March 2009: How to enter Tarragona International Competition: Specifications

February 2009: Cowes Regatta Display to be Cancelled?

February 2009: Entries Being Accepted Now For British Firework Championships 2009

February 2009: Escape the Winter chill and see some remarkable fireworks

February 2009: New issue of Fireworks now available

December 2008: Classification Workshop for Manufacturers and Importers of fireworks

November 2008: Lewes Borough Bonfire Society has a new website

October 2008: Chemical Conference in Germany

October 2008: Jubilee triumph at Southport

August 2008: Ex Wells' worker wishes to swap dummies etc.

August 2008: Pendragon are British Firework Champions

August 2008: Pembrokeshire Waterway Event cancelled

July 2008: Festival of Fireworks at Catton Hall

July 2008: Firework Champions competition coming up at Combermere. Check the details

July 2008: Enjoy hospitality evening and/or Industry Lunch at the British Firework Championships at Plymouth

July 2008: Firework Champions competition at Belvoir coming up. Check the details

June 2008: Fireworks in Tarragona most international competition ever

June 2008: Line up for British Firework Championships announced

June 2008: Winners of Scottish and Midlands Heats of British Fireworks Championships announced

June 2008: Will Pembrokeshire Waterway Event Go Ahead? Sponsor drops out

May 2008: Re-enactment of Michelangelo's firework display in Rome

May 2008: Scarcity of fireworks for the Guy Fawkes season - and big price rises

May 2008: Quebec International Firework Competition

May 2008: British Firework Championships London Heats cancelled

April 2008: Lily Fireworks Win Mechanical Ground Fireworks Competition in Malta

April 2008: Combermere and Belvoir Firework Championships 2008

April 2008: British Firework Championships: Star win northern heat - line up for May heats

February 2008: Programme for 2008 British Musical Firework 'Champion of Champions' event announced

January 2008: Specifications and entry form available for Tarragona. Act now - 1 February deadline

January 2008: Listen to the Editor of Fireworks talking on BBC Radio 4's Random Edition. More information

October 2007: Jubilee Win World Firework Championships and Champion of Champions Event

September 2007: Announcement of competition to become European Firework Championships

September 2007: Free demo of fireworks open to the public

September 2007: Firework company provides demonstration evening of their wares

September 2007: All back issues back in print following re-publishing programme. Get the ones you're missing

August 2007: Opportunity for companies to get good publicity through firework display

August 2007: Phoenix win British Musical Firework Championships, Pyromania Displays 2nd; Festival 3rd

August 2007: Pains first UK company to win Montreal

August 2007: Selstar Fireworks are British Firework Champions

August 2007: Six companies will contest British Musical Firework Championships

July 2007: British Firework Industry Conference at Plymouth at time of British Firework Championships.

July 2007: Firework Awards for 2006: Newsbox best shop

July 2007: Competitors announced for new style British Firework Championships

July 2007: Festival Fireworks have recovered from the recent explosion and are still going strong

July 2007: Maltese firework factory competes on world stage - in Rome

July 2007: Winners of Tarragona 'Great Prize of the Public' will be awarded €3,000

July 2007: British Firework Championships expand to first regional heats

June 2007: Important meeting for Trade regarding shells and mortars

May 2007: Pendragon wins Welsh Firework Championships

January 2007: New Rules for Disposal of Explosives

January 2007: Tarragona International Firework Competition - Specification and application released

January 2007: Cumulation issues (4-5; 6-7), and issues 12, 13 and 14 back in print

September 2006: Festival Fireworks Triumph at Southport

August 2006: Rocket Launch World Record confirmed by Guinness At Plymouth

August 2006: Jubilee win British Firework Championships Champion of Champions Event

August 2006: Firework Symposium for the Firework Industry. Details here

July 2006: Lineup for 2006 British Musical Firework Championships at Southport

July 2006: Celebratory 50th issue available View contents here and order

June 2006: News of Montreal firework competition June to July 2006

June 2006: Ron Lancaster's Fireworks: Principals and Practice - new edition out

May 2006: Tarragona details announced

March 2006: See an international firework competition in Malta. Details here

March 2006: BBC Dates announced for TV soap featuring a worker's recollections of a firework factory

September 2005: Two exhibitions of fireworks - recall those good old days

September 2005: Southport British Musical Firework Championships - competitors and details announced

September 2005: Issue 35 back in print. After over 5 years, during which it was out of print, it is available again - looking better than it did first time out!

August 2005: Fireworks' correspondent, Maurice Evans is on Antiques Roadshow. See pictures from the programme

August 2005: British Firework Championships results

August 2005: New course: check the details; other courses

August 2005: British Firework Championships will be bigger and better

August 2005: National Firework Museum still a live issue

July 2005: Tarragona Firework Competition results

June 2005: Competitors chosen for Tarragona International Firework Competition

June 2005: Dinton's Bonfire Banner in sad state of disrepair. Funds are sought. Full story

May 2005: Historical Gunpowder Works in Kent now open to visitors - free of charge

May 2005: Shugborough Festival details announced. All you need to know is here

April 2005: New technical book on pyrotechnics available

April 2005: Fireworks editor to appear in Worst Jobs in History, to be screened on 30 April 2006 at 5.55pm on Channel 4. More details

April 2005: Report of the 8th International Symposium on Fireworks and details of next year's Symposium

April 2005: International Canadian Competition details announced

April 2005: New service: Let us print your birthday, Christmas, special event cards - 60p per card. Check it now

January 2005: TESA Awards Dinner

January 2005: Firework Company makes big money for charity

January 2005: Collectors' items available. Issues 1-11 will not be re-printed. Very few left - Email first if buying

January 2005: Firework company directory - and database now available

January 2005: Directory of firework companies now available

January 2005: Course on Pyrotechnic Chemistry

December 2004: Tarragona International Firework Competition Specifications now available

December 2004: Changes to Firework Regulations

October 2004: Cumulations programme complete, bringing issue 1-11 back into print: 1 (issues 1-3); 2 (issues 4-5) 3 (issues 6-7); 4 (issues 8-9) and now 5 (issues 10-11)

September 2004: Museum at Hendon showing Eileen Amabilino's firework memorabilia

August 2004: Showplans and full details of British Firework Championships 2004

August 2004: British Firework Championships Results: 1st Alan Hillary; 2nd Sandling Fireworks; 3rd Jubilee. The full story is available here.

August 2004: Line up for Southport 2004

June 2004: How others see us - another view of fireworks

May 2004: Firework exhibition in Malta of interest to the Firework World

April 2004: New Consultation Paper

October 2003: British Musical Firework Championships 2004 - Allstar Triumph!

August 2003: Jubilee win at Plymouth

August 2003: Spitfire win at Southport

August 2003: British Firework Championships 2003 event- Detail and comment

July 2003: Lou Nadin, one of Fireworks most evocative writers who died in 2003. As a tribute, we have reproduced his articles from Fireworks for free viewing. They include general recollections of past fireworks, specifically pinwheels, bangers, Shrewsbury Flower Show display, the Coronation display, Liverpool Festival fireworks, and fireworks at Belle Vue, Manchester. Be patient while loading; there are a lot of articles to load!

August 2002: British Firework Championships - Natasha Webb gives a full account


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