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the Fireworks Collectors' Section

Fireworks takes no responsibility for items not supplied during transactions and advises personal contact between collectors. It warns against sending large sums of money - or valuable items - to unknown requesters without security. Like ebay, the collectors' exchange is set up on a basis of trust.





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Bangers wanted for large existing collection. Looking to buy all blue touchpaper type
British Fireworks, any quantity large or small. Can collect anywhere mainland UK. Large selection of vintage items also available to swap.
(Contact: 07842 609105)

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Items: I wish to purchase, swap or exchange firework memorabilia. Cash waiting from an old ex Wells fireworks operator!

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Items Rip Rap wants

Rip Rap

WANTS: Interested in ANY pre 1970's British fireworks & associated memorabilia (posters, boxes, labels etc). But especially the following: Jumping Crackers of any type (but especially Standard). All makes of banger, squib, or aeroplane. I am a relative newcomer to firework collecting (which is why I am interested in pretty much ANYTHING & EVERYTHING) & as such have very little in the way of swaps. I envisage most transactions on my behalf to be purchases.

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WANTS:ALL 70's or 80's. Standard 70's Chrysanthemum fountain (Blue labelled version).Astra Red dragon cone, Astra Flying Saucer (with saucers on the label)Astra Fairy, Coloured or Comet rocket from 70's.Brocks Tracer rocket, Red dragon (80's)Brocks Green Dragon (80's)Brocks Golden Splendour (70's/80's)Brocks Silver Palm. Brocks Mars, Space or Jupiter rockets. Brocks Silver Hornets Nest. AVAILABLE FOR EXCHANGE: I have a good selection of 1970's Standard items available as swaps and also some Wells and Astra items for the right swap.

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What John is offering

AVAILABLE FOR EXCHANGE (WANTS BELOW): Standard manufacturer's dummy Roman candle bouquet:

What John is offering

AVAILABLE FOR EXCHANGE (WANTS BELOW): Standard manufacturer's dummy tourbillion - Roman candles re-touchpapered. Tornado (two available; one re-touch papered) - Shooting Star is spoken for:

What John has to offer

AVAILABLE FOR EXCHANGE (WANTS BELOW): Standard manufacturer's dummies:

AVAILABLE FOR EXCHANGE (WANTS BELOW): Sets of three manufacturers' dummies from the early 1980s (different collections - see left).

WANTS: I should like to exchange the British dummies for British dummies (not live) (let me know how many you think are a fair exchange), ideally any of the following: Astra Koh-i-Noor, Black Knight Sputnik Rocket.

Benwell Beam Rider (rocket)

Brock's Aerial Torpedo, Bright Roman Candle, Calling All Cars, Chrysanthemum Fountain (old), Coloured RC, Crackpot, Dragon's Tooth, Electric RC, Flower Pot (all sizes), Gerb, Golden Rain, Night Rider, Radio RC, Red White and Blue Roman Candle, Sandstorm, Scintillating RC, Silver Cloud, Squib (blue & white comet design), Tropical Storm (purple not modern), Wizard Fountain (red & blue, and red, yellow and blue).

Pain's Aerial Bomb Thrower, Butterfly Twinkler, Coloured Roman Candle, Cosmic Spray, Emerald Cascade, Forge Fire, Green Spangled Roman, Mount Pelee, Painite Squib, Radium Dazzler, Razzle Dazzle, Surprise Roman Candle, Whirly Twirler, Witch's Cauldron

Standard Aeroplane, Flyer (red), Animated Fountain (Black or blue), Coloured Fire (Red, cone and tub), Daisy Fountain, Hailstorm, Jewel Fountain (black and blue), Shimmering Cascade (small blue and small black), Whistle Stop.

Wells Eastern Sunset, Gerb, Moonbeam, Spacer (small, gold and black)

Wessex Air Bomb, Devil's Grindstone (wheel), Devil's Punchbowl, Double Air Bomb; Flaming Flywheel (wheel), Flying Scotsman (wheel), Forge Fire (large), Harbour Lights, Jack Frost Roman Candle, Northern Lights, Pearly Roman Candle, Pole Star Rocket, Red Nike, Sun Burst (rocket), Wakey Wakey, Will-O-the Wisp.

Wilder's Barrel of Demons (made at Hemel Hempstead)

Wizard Glittering Gold, Aladdin's Cave, Blue Angel; Golden Glory, Green Goddess


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